Broken Glass at Azalea

Woke up early and ran two miles. I felt energized going to Anthropology.

Jesse called and asked me to bring the newsletter envelopes to FBCD. The family worked together signing them in Daddy’s office.

Send your address to to get on the list.

Dropped my car off at Azalea so we could all ride to Walmart together.

When we got back to Azalea  group of kids ran up to our car.

“Mr. Tim! Mr. Tim! They broke Ashley’s car!”

Dad got out of his car and walked up to mine with the kids following close behind.

I got out and to see little pieces of tinted black glass all over the ground.

“What happened?” Dad asked.

“Some boys were throwing rocks at each other and one hit it. Then one boy ran home scarred.” Clinton explained.

I looked at my shattered back window.

“Do you know who did it?  questioned my Dad.

“It wasn’t me.” “It wasn’t me!” The kids yelled. “I just go here.” “Yeah, me too!”Others shouted.

I knew the window could be replaced so it was hard to get too mad. I went in to the mission and enjoyed helping Jossie and Jocelyn with their math homework.

Dad and J swept up the sharp morsels.

As I sat at the table a few of the little boys came over to me and told me they were really sorry about my window.

I’m not positive who broke my rear windshield, but I know it was an accident. I’m just happy it hit my window instead of a little kids’ faces.

Fortunately V.J., a Hispanic man that lives above the mission, is an auto glass repair man and he offered to fix it tomorrow for $150.

Overall a good day.

Only 3 more class meetings until finals!

It was breezy on the drive home but I enjoyed listening to Tova’s bluegrass music.



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