Signing Newsletters

We all ate lunch today at Picadilly to celebrate the 6 year aniversary of Grandaddy’s going to Heaven. Grandaddy loved Picadilly and I remeber him taking Jesse and I through the line when we were little. We always used to order Salsbury steak with a side of potatoes.

Miles, Shuggie and I rode over to Alcove Coffee on the lake. Miles has training on Sunday. Pray that he gets the job.

Later, we signed newsletters to our supporters. Email your address to me at to get stories from the mission field!

We drove over to Azalea for our big pool party but as we got closer and closer the clouds got darker and darker. It was raining and lighting by the time we pulled into the mission. Some of the Bengali girls were still running around in the rain getting their saris soaked.

Ordered my texts books for my summer writing class that starts next Wednesday!



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