School Day Numero Dos

Today I had Features writing at 10. Parking was horrible. I had to walk all the way from the soccer field. At least I got some exercise.

Got to my second class of the day and realized I’d already passed the class. Mah bad. I came home and immediately dropped the class and registered to Statistics.

Jesse, Dad and I went to eat burgers then Barnes and Noble’s so I could get a planner for school.

Worked with the kids at the mission. I felt like I teacher. I had five fourth graders with the same grammar homework. I would go around the circle asking them each to read the sentence and tell me what punctuation it needed.

Home now to do my own homework, 60 pages of reading about Native American literature. At least it sounds interesting.




1 thought on “School Day Numero Dos”

  1. Love the pictures Ash! You’re doing great work on your website I love reading about your kids. Its almost like a way better version of twitter for me to follow you!

    With LoVe

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