Jesse hands out Gifts


Still working on our Hajj group presentations in Human Communications.

We’re reading Emerson’s Nature in American Lit. so the teacher let up get back to nature with a 15 minute break outside. Loved it! The warm sun really is healing.



Tutored the fourth grade girls at Azalea. Ever since Miles came he’s all they ask about. “When’s Miles coming?” “Is Miles coming today?”






Jesse handed out a few gifts to the kids.



Just finished writing invitations to my birthday party next Saturday!



Just started watching New Girl on Hulu. Hilarious! Even Miles was cracking up.





Amy and Joe at Azalea

Worked on our group project in Human Communications. We’ve already gotten more than 10 slides done. I feel really good about all we’ve accomplished so far.

Talked about Harriet Jacobs in American Lit. and discussed our research papers. It’s that time of the semester when everything’s due.

Miles worked his first day at his new Kroger job. He decorated the Christmas isle. Then he joined us at Azalea. Jocelyn is one of his favorites. They play around like old friends.



Amy and Joe came too. The more help the better, it means more children get one on one time with a tutor.





The art teachers came today too! The little kids with no homework enjoyed painting and playing Red Rover outside.





Home now to work on my Stat homework.






The Great Halloween Candy Toss

Dad’s home safe from India. He brought me back some beautiful bangles from Nepal.


We started out global issue group projects today in Human Comm. My group is researching the Hajj: The journey to Mecca.

Read some Harriet Jacobs in American Lit. It’s been helpful reading out the slaves in my clases because the mission kids are learning about slavery as well.



Speaking of the mission kids we had the great candy toss today!












Even the moms were jumping for candy.




Home now to finish the Whirlwind Financial Report and some Features Writing Homework.





Miles Comes to Azalea


Hard test in Human Communications today. Hope I did well.

Discussed more of Frederick Douglass in American Lit.

Miles, J and I had a great time with the kids today.

Miles worked with the fourth grade girls. They were cracking each other up. Miles said he had a really great time.



Jesse explained a lot of the science homework to the boys.





Amy came! She’s always such a big help.




We even had some art teachers today. Yay! A lot of the girls that didn’t have homework really enjoyed being creative. They were working on a really cool project tracing their own pictures. Neat idea.







Fabiola gave me some bread her Dad had made at the kitchen table. She called it dead bread. In remembrance of all the souls for day of the dead. It was sweet with raisons.



Keep praying for my Dad in India. The team was at a temple the other day and Dad said he got kissed by an elephant. Can’t wait to hear more of that story!





Forest Park DNow Missions Trip

Had a great time with the Forest Park team today. They were 50 strong and brought a BIG bus.

We went to the Farmer’s Market.

CD Tower.

The Chinese Pharmacy. Two of the group members found candy they had grown up with.

After quesadillas we went to do some mission work!

Watch the video here!




Dad Leaves for India

Turned in my midterm test in Features Writing today. Then we discussed broadcast writing for TV and Radio.

Got my Stat test back. 101, baby!

Jesse and I dropped Dad off at the church with the India mission trip peeps.



Worked on line graphs with the kids at Azalea.

Jesse helped me send off my netbook. It was having problems.




Oh I get it!

In Features writing we had a guest speaker talk to us about art and design for our webfolios.I got some good advice on how I want to change mine up.

Stat test went really well. I struggled on the bonus though. I just couldn’t remember the exact calculator stokes.

Worked on labels with the kideos.


Working with the kids at the mission. I had 4 of the fourth graders all together in the pink room working on the Frog Prince story. They laugh and call me Ms. Ashley. “Ms. Ashley, Ms. Ashley, you’re our new teacher!”



Worked with Neyton on number places like ones, tens, hundreds, thousands. He was so cute when after a few minutes of struggling he said, “OH! I get it!” Then he finished the page by himself.

I really feel like we’re making an impression on the kids when the older ones take the lead and start helping the younger ones.



I’m looking forward to spending the night with Jessica.


She dyed her hair purple but it came out blue and green. Bad luck. Still cute though.




Azalea Girls All Dolled Up


Had a test in Human Communications today. I feel confident about it. My teacher was happy that 25% of the class made A’s. I think that reflects poorly on her. If at least 80@ of the class doesn’t succeed then she shouldn’t feel successful.  Anywho.. I hope I’m one of the A’s!

New adjunct professor in American Lit. We’ve been reading Thomas Jefferson. He had some curious views about blacks of the time.


The refugee babies were so cute! One little boy climbed in my lap because he was scared of the vacuum cleaner.

The Azalea girls were all dressed up for their party at Wednesday night church.

Jesse played ball outside with the boys.

Good ol’ Sugar Baby.


I’m off to study for my Statistics test tomorrow.





Culture and The Purple Bus


In Human Comm we discussed our own cultural identity. Growing up all over the world has made me develop a lot of cultural identities. I feel southern and worldly. I love foods from everywhere and have a ” mi casa es su casa” mentality.


Today was Dr. Cox’s last day of teaching. Her 90 year-old mom is doing poorly so Cox is taking a leave of absence. Pray for her.

Amy and Joe helped at the mission today!

Technology is awesome! Rosybell is using the iPhone to look up information about her state project.

The kids were all sitting outside on the low, white brick wall waiting for the purple bus to come and pick them up for church.




Azalea, Kylie and Costume Hunting

Hello! Great day with the Azalea kids. The preshoolers get their homework in Spanish. Dad teaches the fourth graders fractions. I like these peppers that grow outside the mission. Mo and Jossie. Spent the night with Jessica. We watched Little Folkers. Kylie has an ear ache. Poor girl :( Anna and I went to lunch at TGI Fridays. They have some great spinach dip! Then we went shopping for Halloween costumes. Zombie baby! I had SO much fun scaring Miles with Zombie baby last year. I put it in his bathtub. When he pulled back the shower curtain. I could hear his scream all the way upstairs. “WHHHHHATTTT THEEEE?!!!” She’s going to be Morticia and I think I’m going to be a lion. Miles and I went to the park. It was such nice weather! These are the new boots he got for his birthday. Finished my story project. Our Last Adventure in Madagascar Cleaned my fish tank. It was nasty. Love, Ashley


Driving on Fumes

Oh! How stressful to almost run out of gas on your way to school. Fortuntaley I made it.

After class Little Momo came and bought me some gas.

Thanks, Mo!

Worked on applying for a scholarship.

Tutoring at Azalea. Today I cut a piece of index card in half and cut a little rectangle in the middle to help guide Aylin’s eyes while reading. It really seemed to help when she could focus on one word at a time.

Worked with Marium on her water cycle project.

Mo gave the kids birthday presents today.




Designing the Webfolio

Hello there!

In Features Writing we started designing out webfolio. You can look forward to seeing that developed in the next couple of weeks.I titled my online portolio “Curious Cummins.” This is my curious face.

In Stat we’re working on probability.

Had fun with the kids today. We learned a lot about different Native American tribes.

Rashawn didn’t want to smile so I said, “Give me your welcome back Mr. Tim smile!”

Saul ran up to Mo and gave her a kiss on the cheek. So sweet.

Oh! Sexy glasses, Clinton.

Jesse sent pictures from Oregon. Looks really beautiful.


Ate dinner with little Momo. It’s been fun just being us two girls…but I’m looking forward to Dad getting home.





American Lit Test




This morning I raced up the stairs loaded down with my bookbag and burst into class thinking I was late. I was greeted by strangers. I was definately 30 minutes EARLY for class. Opps.

It gave me time to complete a dictionary assignment due later this week.

We had a quiz in Human Comm. I made a 100!

Then I took the American Lit test. I feel VERY confident about that one.

Home to watch 30Rock and eat lunch. I love the show now. Hilarious!

Tutoring the kids was fun but we need more help!

The parking lot was empty until I yelled, “CANDY!” Then our car was swarmed.





AP Style Test and Stat Test

Hidee Ho!

Today was full of tests. In Features Writing we were tested on our knowledge of AP style. That’s the journalist’s reference book that shows correct spelling and usage for most words. For example it would inform you  about state abbreviations in newstories or when to spell out numbers or when to use figures. Good stuff.

Came home and cooked some delicious bacon Alfredo before heading back for my Statistics test. Which I feel confident I did well on. I had one question about the standard deviation for a sample but I think I picked the correct decimal number.

Got my refund from school today! :D

I like teaching the kids because it refreshes my memory. Today we were studying about the Palo- Indians and the Beringia straight in Social Studies. I’m always interested in learn more about the first humans during the Ice Age.

Dad and I ate delicious huevos rancheros (eggs with salsa) for dinner. It reminds me of a story about my Mom. When she was younger in New Mexico she order huevos rancheros and told the wait to cut the eggs and salsa.

Off to study for my Human Communications test tomorrow.




Ballet and Tap Class


Had a long talk with Daddy this morning. It’s always good to have an open relationship with your parents. But it helps when they’re just AWESOME baby!


In Human Communications we discussed how we felt about a couple of topics. Number one being, “Is a person listening even if they’re not responding.” We picked yes, although when I’m talking to someone I always like feedback even if it’s just an umm hmm here and there.

On to American Literature were we talked about Bradford’s On Plymoth plantation. Wow, those Puritans got into some nasty things; fights with Native Americans, horrible disease and bestiality. Eww.


Enjoyed teaching at the mission. Everyone’s always asking, “Where’s Jesse? Is Jesse coming?” Jesse, Jesse, Jesse… We miss you little brother.

Had my first adult tap and ballet class today. The ballet I got the hang of. It was slow and methodical. Tap was fast! Too fast for my beginner feet. I got the shuffle and the shuffle hop but I need more work on the shuffle ball switch. It was fun though! And I enjoyed trying something new. When everyone knows you’re new they cut you a lot of slack.

Home to study for my Statistics test tomorrow.




State Projects

Classes this morning. I really like Features Writing because the class is only 8 students so everyone gets a chance to share their opinions. And just like my Daddy, I love to hear my self talk.

Spent some time with the babies at CIBC. There’s something cute about sour baby breath and drool on your leg.

Learned Z-scores in Stat today. Test on Monday. Please pray for me to do well.

The kids had a lot of projects today. I had fun walking around the tables with my students. They worked really well today.


Cooked some DELICIOUS applewood bacon fettuccine tonight.I love how cooking makes the kitchen smell so homey.

Saved some for you little Momo.



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Jesse Leaves for Oregon on Amtrak


Had TWO pop quizzes today. One in Human Communications and one in American Lit. Good thing I read the texts.

Then home for lunch before visiting the kids at the mission. Today we practiced rounding decimals and working on US states projects.

Had our last dinner together as a family since Jesse is leaving for his cross country road trip tonight.

Watch the video here.

About to read some Communications and interviewing homework.




The kids get presents…


Did it feel like Monday to anyone else? Did to me. Woke up to an unseasonably cool, cloudy Tuesday.

We practiced our interviewing skills in Features writing. I got to interview the teacher. I asked her about her hometown (Cincinati, Ohio) and her favorite memory growing up there. She recalled dressing up and going out for lunch with her mom downtown. Sounds fun!

In Stat were practicing box plots and other qualitative and quanitative data. We have our first test next Tuesday.


I got home today to find a huge box in the carport with my name on it. Woohoo! It was filled with toys and school supplies. The kids are going to love this!

They all surrounded it as soon as I brought it in.

Tutored Aylin in rounding to the thousands and reading comprehension.





Refugee Babies and Day with Ashley, Lynsie and Hannah

What a fun time I had spending with the refugee babies. Some of the older toddlers just LOVE posing for the camera.

Click here to see them blowing you kisses!

Hannah and I went to catch up and eat lunch at Pizza Cafe. Yum! Then we shopped at TJ Maxx. I got some great new cobalt blue heels and a gift for Ashley’s birthday party tomorrow!

Later Lynsie and I hung out with Ashley at her house. It was SO hard to keep all the  details of her birthday party tomorrow a secret.



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Eid at Azalea

Successful day at school. in Feature Writing we discussed the articles we’d printed out. Mine was about the U.S. helping Mexico crack down on crime by allowing Mexican agents to cross the border.

In Statistics it was almost TOO easy. All we did was histograms, Mean, Medium and Mode.

At lunch at Donnie’s and ran into Lee, Ashley’s boyfriend. He bought my lunch. Thanks Ashley and Lee! :)

I helped Luz, Micky, Fabiola and Angel today with geography homework.


Tonight is Eid, the Muslims holiday after Ramadan is ended. We had a lot of fun dressing up with the Bengali ladies and eating the food. Wow! They spice it up the right way. Yumbo!

Watch the video here of the ladies dressing up Amy.

The ladies loved dressing Amy up like their doll.

This baby is SO cute!

Niche dressed me up with her ulna or scarf.

Oh! The curry, coconut rice, beef and lemon zested sauces.

Even Miles and Jesse got into Punjabs.

Studied for my Human Communication Quiz tomorrow. Wish me luck!






The Netbook Comes In!

Today in Human Communications  I learned that “twelve” is a slang word for police.

Interesting discussion on Native American culture and their narratives in American Lit.

Home for lunch and then to the mission. Today was Rosybell’s birthday! (She’s the one in the middle.)

Eid, a Muslim holiday similar to Christmas, is tomorrow. They kids are excited to be finished with the fasting and eager to celebrate. Look forward to those pictures tomorrow!

Got home and UPS had delivered the mini netbook I ordered for Milo’s birthday. I was so excited I couldn’t wait a whole month so I gave it to him on the spot. He loves it!

Read a lot for Features Writing tomorrow.





Newsletters and Donuts

Ran 2.25 miles with Shuggie this morning. She helps me get up the hills.

We finished the labels and got the Azalea kids to help us put on the stamps and put the CD in.

Watch the Tim and Ashley Movie here…

We always treat them to donuts afterwards.

Jefry he’s so cute!

Came home and worked on Stat homework.

Looking forward to going to Flip Flops with Lynsie in a minute here.






Statistics and International Babies

Features Writing with Westfall went well. I’m looking forward to building my portfolio and writing some travel pieces.

I had an hour before Statistics so I went over to see Mo and the international babies at the ESL program where she works.

Then Mo and I ate lunch and I headed back to class. Stat seems like it will be a pretty good class. I like how the teacher teaches with her hands.

Home to work on some homework before heading out to Azalea to see the kids.

Wrote my Newsletter…

Ashley’s Dispatch SEPTEMBER 2011




Jack Fruit

Communication class this morning. We watched Foghorn Leghorn. I can only take so much of that accent and antidotes.

American Lit was canceled. Dang! After all that reading. It was nice to get out early though.

Tutoring with the kids. Today we worked on numbers raised to different powers.

Little Momo and I went to Mohosana’s house to try Jack Fruit. Interesting. A LOT better than Durian, also known as Poo Poo fruit. Can you guess why? It smells like sewer but some people swear by it.

Pilates with Lynsie Pfannkuch. Whew! Our teacher, Dottie, whipped us tonight.

Home to do some Features Writing homework from the AP Stylebook.