Miles Comes to Azalea


Hard test in Human Communications today. Hope I did well.

Discussed more of Frederick Douglass in American Lit.

Miles, J and I had a great time with the kids today.

Miles worked with the fourth grade girls. They were cracking each other up. Miles said he had a really great time.



Jesse explained a lot of the science homework to the boys.





Amy came! She’s always such a big help.




We even had some art teachers today. Yay! A lot of the girls that didn’t have homework really enjoyed being creative. They were working on a really cool project tracing their own pictures. Neat idea.







Fabiola gave me some bread her Dad had made at the kitchen table. She called it dead bread. In remembrance of all the souls for day of the dead. It was sweet with raisons.



Keep praying for my Dad in India. The team was at a temple the other day and Dad said he got kissed by an elephant. Can’t wait to hear more of that story!




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