Milo’s first day chopping Bamboo

Well today was Miles’ first day cutting down Bamboo for the Zoo. He really seemed to like it. He said he had a lot in common with the other guys on the team and the work is a great work out and he loves being outdoors.

He left a sweet message on the bathroom mirror.

He came home DIRTY though. I hope we get our washer and dryer soon.

Meanwhile I was critiquing in creative writing class and studying geochronology in geology.

Even after a long day Miles still comes to help out at the mission.



I always like Aylin’s accessories.


I used a Scout Mob deal tonight. Miles got a 100% FREE hotdog at Pete’s Hotdogs and Polar Parlor. As my Daddy would say, “Can’t beat that with a stick.”

Off now to cook some veggies.



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