Geology Book Report

Hideeo Hoo!

Creative Writing class today. We talked about what goes in the portfolio at the end of the semester. Only five! I said it five! Class days left!

Then Geology. Interesting lecture on the life of the Paleozoic era.

Came home and worked on my geology book report. I’m reading Darwin’s Lost World. It’s been pretty good so far.

Tutoring at Azalea. Helped Jocelyn with her book report.

She was doing it on a Lucky Charms cereal box. Sanjida said, “Oh! Those marshmellows look good, but I can’t eat those.”

“What? Why not?”I asked looking at the delicious rainbows and pots of gold.

“No, Bengali muslims are supposed  to, and I tried some once before I knew and they were SO good.” Sanjida said.


There were a lot of kids to help today. I love to see a full mission!


This is how I like to do homework. Spread out on the floor.


Dad’s so good with the kids! He’s singing here.


At Azalea we balance homework and fun.



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