Group Project and Hanging out with the Bengali girls

Worked with my Communications team on our nonprofit group project on the Alzheimer’s Association.

Came home and colored on my chalkboard. Old school!


The kids helped us with the labels.

Even Neyton’s mom got down on the floor to help.

Helped Fabiloa with her book report.

I liked Jossie’s earrings.


And Sanjida’s bracelet. It has her nickname on it, Meem.


Niche is going to Bangladesh for 3 months soon. Sanjida was very jealous. “I wish I could go!”

“Why don’t you cut off your legs then you’ll go to heaven.”Niche said back.

“How’s cutting off your legs get you to heaven?” I asked.

“Because then you’d die.” Niche said.

“Yeah, but did you know killing yourself is a sin?” Sanjida enlightened Niche.

“Yeah, suicide is a sin in the Bible too.” I told them.

“Huh…” The girls shook their heads.

It’s all about building bridges.

” I still wish I was going to Bangladesh because then I could see my family and eat good food.”Sanjida said.

“Oh! What food do you like to eat for snack?” I asked.

“Jhal Muri!”

“Do you have any at your house? I’m hungry!” My mouth begins to water.

“Sure! I’ll bring you some.”

She runs off and in a minute is back with a Styrofoam cup full of what looks like crunch chex mix.

It was crunchy with spicy peanut bits with a hint of cinnamon. Really good. I shared with the kids and most of them liked it.

Always fun to hang out with my Bengali friends.



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