Azalea, Dinner with Rachel and Brent and Virgina Tech Team


Had a great day with Dad today. We had lunch with Larry Anderson, Executive Director of Youth Outreach United, where I used to work before coming on board with Whirlwind.

The Azalea kids are almost out of school for the summer! I know they’re looking forward to the summer teams coming. Dad helped Jason learn how to regroup.

Today was Jocelyn’s 10th birthday. She’s one of my favorites. I slipped her a five dollar bill and she almost wouldn’t take it. ” No, this is yours.” She’d smile shyly. “No, This is YOURS from Miles and I.” I pushed it back into her sweaty palm. To which she replied, “I love you.”


The Virginia Tech team is doing some GREAT work!


Last night Miles and I had dinner with some friends at Raging Burrito in Decatur. poor Rachel was SO sunburned.

While we were thrifting, Dad picked up a book about Fundraising, so I’m looking forward to reading that some tonight.


Got to see my sweet Shuggie dawg.






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