Backpacks and Errands

Yesterday we took backpacks to some girls at Kensington and Azalea.

Today I ran errands and organized. A LOT! I cleaned out my closet.

Donated some clothes.

Sewed a strap on my blue dress.

Went to Lowe’s to by an adapter for my sink,it’s for my new LED toy. When the waters cold it’s blue.

And red when hot!

So fun and only for $10.

Mailed a letter to my friend.


I also redecorated the bathroom with some pictures from our trip to Costa Rica.

And organized my laundry room with some new bins from the dollar store.

Worked on printing out my third generation missionary letter to send to other missionaries.

Also worked on the rough draft of the Whirlwind Missions flyer to give to Youth group leaders.

Activated my updated credit card.

Saw my dream car drive by.



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