FBC Naples to Global Mall, Al Madina, Asian Square


Fun briefing the team on Islam, Judaism and Hinduism this morning.

IMG_0984-XL IMG_0976-XL IMG_0992-XL

Had a great lunch at Penang.

Off to Al Madina, Global Mall and Asian Square.

IMG_1007-XL IMG_1006-XL IMG_1002-XL IMG_1008-XL IMG_1004-XL IMG_1000-XL


IMG_1013-XL IMG_1014-XL IMG_1012-XL IMG_1023-XL IMG_1017-XL IMG_1022-XL IMG_1021-XL IMG_1029-XL

Looking forward to cooking some spinach spaghetti and homemade meatballs with Milo.


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