Groceries, A clean Car and Azalea!

Ran up and down Stone Mountain. I felt like a beast! This weather is SO amazing. Cool with clear blue skies. I LOVE Fall.

Came home and washed my pony.


Got groceries.

Hung out with the kids. They kept asking me what my job was and I said, “This. Helping you guys here is my job.”
To which their response was, “You get PAID to do this?”

“Yep, plus I just really  helping all you guys.”

“So what’s your real, real  job? What do you do in the mornings?” Fabiola asked.

“I’m a missionary. I tell people about Jesus.”

“Ohh. I wish you were a my teacher at my school, but I’m glad you’re a missionary who comes to teach at the mission.”

I love those kids!

Her hair getting blown by the fan cracks me up!


Dad, Jesse, Miles and I got together for dinner.



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