Errands and Justin’s Birthday

Worked on calling the managers at Highland Knoll and Cumberland Courts. I told them the good news about the team coming tomorrow!

Then talked with Katlin Miller from Tennessee about bringing a team for Spring Break. 

Sandy DeFoe, our CPA, broke her leg on Saturday. Please be praying for her. We talked today about Quickbooks for Whirlwind Missions. 

Went to the Pitty Pat house to look for the old InDesign disk so I can load it on my new computer. Then went to Best Buy to pick up my old one. 

Did you know cleaning with a dryer sheet makes your faucets really shiny?

Nothing better than clean sheets. 

Got my rings resized, finally! 


Mailed the newsletters out, sent Jessica’s birthday box and Milo’s broken laptop.

Today’s Justin’s birthday! I liked the cake Anna baked and decorated. 

Lee got a new car. A 2001, red Ford Mustang just like me! Mustang club!


Looking forward to the team tomorrow at Highland Knoll.




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