Lunch with Doug Allison, the AZ closet gets a makeover and Flu shots

Hey! We all meet with Doug today at Plaza Fiesta. Had fun exploring and eating.

Dad and I went to FedEx to blow up some pictures for Azalea. 

Then we went to get our Flu shots. The pharmacist turned out to be a supporter of ours! 

It didn’t really hurt.


The kids helped me color one of the posters.

Then Fabiola and Jocelyn helped me stack books and remake the closet. We moved out a lot of old bins and cleared room. Now the closet is a little office! 


Ate a GREAT dinner with the Kendalls at Big Tex. Loved the pumpkin sweet potatoe soup.


Gave Miles a little Fall present. 


Looking forward to speaking at Providence Christian Academy tomorrow. 




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