Jessica! Shuggie and Lessons!


I had a great day with my best friend Jessica. I was bummed that my parents and Jesse were leaving for their road trip to Texas. I wasn’t bummed about the drive but it will be my first Christmas away from the family. But when I saw Jessica get off the plane my spirits lifted because she’s just like a sister to me.

We shopped at Walmart. I got a new vacuum hooray!

We climbed Arabia Mountain with Ashley before I had to drive her back to the airport.

Cool shadows!

Aurora our guide dog.

On the way down the mountain I mentioned that I needed some wrapping paper. Can you believe Jessica spotted some on the side of the road on the way home! Some of it was brand new!

Booked horse riding lessons with Ms. Marlene today! I’m really looking forward to that. I got my helmet in today!

Then climbed Stone Mountain.

I put my car clicker in my pocket but when I ran down I noticed it was gone! Oh no! I didn’t have a hide a key so I thought about trying to break in but then I decided to go back up the mountain in search of my car opener. About half way up I saw if there in the middle of the gravel trail. Woo Hooray!

Checked on the Pitty Pat house. Sweet lil Shuggie was there to greet me.

Miles did some Christmas shopping for me and then we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. Now he’s upstairs in the turret trying to wrap the gifts in secret.



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