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Newsletters, Art and Staples

Hello my friends!

Thank you SO much to all of you who have been praying for my family. I’ve really appreciated the encouraging words.

Miles and I tried to get his iPhone replaced today. Unfortunately, it’s a hardware issue and he’ll have to get a new one for $200.

Got envelopes at Staples today and labeled the last of our newsletters.

I put a little urgent prayer request for Jesse in each.

Got them all off to the post office.

I’ve really been enjoying painting and working with my hands lately.

\This is my lupes sauvages y libres or Wild and Free Wolves.

This sketch is of my dog, Shuggie and Milo’s dog, Ace.

Here Ace and Shug are stargazing.

I pushed tiny little Christmas lights through the canvas to create the stars.

I liked the Christmas lights so much I twisted some up in the tulle kitchen curtain I have.

Miles and I found  hole in the wall  place tonight. The jerk chicken with rice and peas was a smokey flavor of delight.

Also created the new 2013 Newsletter binder. Nice to get everything in order again for the new year.



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