Teams, Mountain, Errands and Azalea!

Enjoyed a great weekend with friends and family. Anna and I had a great time climbing Stone Mountain.

I picked up some blank CDs. The girls and I are going to create a time capsule with letters, pictures and music. We’re going to bury it at Stone Mountain and return a year later.

Mailed thank you letters to supporters.

Created the new Financial Report.

Talked to the Agricola team and then called and talked with the Colquitt County team coming in the summer.

Meet with the family. Then Jesse, Dad and I worked on the new team whirlwind website!

Read some more of Dan Pink’s, To Sell is Human.

Printed out pictures for Sakib’s project.

We got carried away with the glitter.

The kids (and me!) love glitter.

Jocelyn with my mustache keychain.

Dad got me some corn covered in mayo and goat chesse. My favorite!

Love prayin’ with the mission kids.



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