Horsing Around and the Mission

Mailed the group picture and thank you letter to the Oakwood BC team that was here this weekend.

I had time before my riding lesson today so I drove over to see Mama at her Mommy and Me class. As soon as I walked in one of the leaders was asking if anyone knew Kathy’s number. I said, ” I do, I’m her daughter.”

The lady told me that we need to get Hussain from the library because his mom was leaving early to go to the doctors. I asked the mother if she’d like to ride with me to the library and pick up her son. Of course she said yes and we drove over to pick up her son. Such perfect timing!

Had a great time at the ranch today with Marlene. I got to ride Phantom. He’s her show pony. Boy, was he stubborn! But such a cuddle monkey at the end.

Watch the Video!

Worked with Sakib on his Mayan Timeline.

Angel trying to be quiet.

Had a lot of fifth graders today.

At the end Luiz was looking for his folder. I asked,” Is it the maroon colored one?”

“No, it’s the purple- red one.” He told me.

Here’s one of the moms and I.

Dad working with his group.



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