Financial Report, Azalea and Shawarma


Worked on the financial report today. Got all our checks, expenses and donations in order.

Sent off comments and a reimbursement check to the Tennessee WMU.

Called Drew Felts,  team leader, about coming on missions with us.

Tried calling Joy Ford and Josh Odie about brining teams but didn’t get an answer.

Emailed my March newsletter to the group.

Worked on the schedules for the four teams coming in at the end of the week through next.

Emailed Roswell UMC members about up coming tours.

Wrote thank you letters to supporters.

These shoes with tails were funny.

Miles and I had fun with the mission kids today.

They worked so hard.

We ate shawarma tonight from an Eritrean place down the street. YUMBO!



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