Box of Sunshine, Errands and the Mission

Ran and worked on with weights this morning. The weathers been amazing!

Got summoned for jury duty. Yippee!

Made some phone calls to churches interested in bringing teams.

Filled out the First Baptist Atlanta and Eastside BC prayer forms.

Sent the Brook Hills team a picture and thank you note.

Send letters to the Tennessee WMU.

Sent off my broken iPhone.

Started the family tree page for my scrap book.

Worked on the financial report.

Activated my new phone!

Activated my new HSA plan with Bank of America.

Paid rent!

Jessica said it’s been snowing and rainy in Kansas, so I packed her up a box of sunshine with yellow balloons, juicy fruit gum, bubbles and a cute summer dress to help her get in the mood.

Approved some comments for the Brookwood Ranch website.

Helped the kids at the mission with their homework.



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