Humble FBC and FBC Pelham to BHFM and Missions!


Dad and I meet with the Mobilizing Students team last night to go over where their teams will be this week.


Then we drove around to each location to scout out where to set up.

This morning I woke up and printed out maps when I suddenly realized that I’d doubled up on one locations and that one of the teams was bringing a bus when I thought it was a team of vans. I freaked out, called Dad and he wasn’t worried. We got it all squared away and he said he’s glad that with 222 people in town serving at 40 locations, to only have one mistake isn’t bad.

FBC Pelham bought Yeah, Baby tshirts!

Did the briefing with the teams.

Then explored the farmer’s market.

On to missions!

This was my view most of the day helping the Charter bus get on site.

More missions!

Then a concert at Huntington Creek.

Great day overall and looking forward to the best day EVER tomorrow.



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