Bank of America, Service Project Recon, Missions Managers and Azalea

Hello Friends!

Lynsie and I had a great time supporting our friend Christina as she danced at AboutFace on Friday night.

Dad, J and I met up for lunch to go over the schedule for the service projects with the spring break teams coming into town.  It takes some figuring out to keep 30 middle schoolers busy.

Then we went to Bank of America to inquire about a business credit card. They also might be able to help me turn the business financial books over to QuickBooks!

Went around to the missions to let the managers know the good news about the teams coming!

Worked with the mission kids on their shadow science project.

Created the Lesson Contract flyer for

Also put a little video together for Anna D.

About to work on answering team emails and putting some Zoo tickets in the mail to Roxy!



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