Smokerise WMU, Lunch with Mo, Phone Calls, Virginia Tech Team


I enjoyed speaking at the Smokerise WMU group this morning.

Then Mo and I enjoyed lunch together.

I went home to make a few phone calls.

Designed the t-shirt invoice for Ben Birdsong and his team.

Team logistics.

Dad and I briefed the Virginia Tech team.

Then over to the Farmer’s Market!

Fresh or 5 years old?

The Azalea kids were great. I liked the teams palm craft.

I’ve got some down time in April when we don’t have teams, so my girlfriends and I planned a trip to St. Augustine. A friend of ours lives there so that’s cheap room and board! Looking forward to visiting the oldest city in America.

Working on admin duties. 

Moogie is too relaxed.



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