Pinecrest BC, McDonough GA to Plaza Fiesta!

Hola! We took the team to one of my favorite spots today, PLAZAAAA FIESTAAA! Today’s their last day at the mission. :( The mission kids are always SO sad to let the gringos go. Amazing turn out at Cumberland Courts. We must have had 75 people show up. Praise the Lord! Looking forward to the Flint River peeps tomorrow. Please be praying for the Easter Parties we’re hosting at 7 locations on Saturday. Love! AshIMG_4312-L IMG_4277-L IMG_4302-L IMG_4304-L IMG_4260-L IMG_4269-L IMG_4240-L IMG_4279-L IMG_4272-L IMG_4243-L IMG_4227-L IMG_4245-L IMG_4313-L IMG_4253-L IMG_4244-L IMG_4247-L IMG_4289-L IMG_4296-L IMG_4248-L

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