Plaza Fiesta and CD Tower!


Early morning today with the horses. Haha! Looks like Jimmy is photobombing my picture or Harley Girl.

Got some new fly spray in for the ponies! Oh! The things that excite me!

Finished another illustration for Sneaky Meat Treat.

Printed and laminated pictures for the teams.

Off to brief the teams. Today was our commitment ceremony before heading to Plaza Fiesta.

Then back to FBCD to brief the new team from North Carolina.

Took them over to CD Tower.

Talked to a team leader about bringing a group in October.

Rode the big charter bus and dropped off the teams at their locations.

Jumped in the car with Dad and sprayed the scene. (Took pictures and video.)

Rode the bus again and picked up all the teams.

Dinner with the Kendall’s and bed.



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