Global Mall and Al Madina

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We took our friends to Global Mall and Al Madina today.

Saw a car pooja in process. Some Hindu friends were getting their new car blessed by the priest.

Fun to see Rasha at Al Madina. She said Ramadan day 2 was going well.

Over to the missions. Got all the teams on site and then dun dun dun our bus broke down. The drivers worked on it for awhile and finally got it back to the hotel. It was a God send though. A man in the lane beside the bus passed out and was unconscious in his car. Because people were slowing down to avoid the bus they saved the man’s life and didn’t rear end him.

Also due to the traffic that was caused, I took a back way and found two more Marquis properties where we can start mission work!

Home now finally!

Looking forward to my Gateway BC team coming in tomorrow.




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