Gateway BC and Silverdale BC to The Farmer’s Market!

Hello friends,

I printed out Hattiesburg’s team picture.

Created new signup sheets for mission camp.

Printed out maps for drivers."                               " "                               " "                               " "                               " "                               " "                               " "                               " "                               " "                               " "                               " "                               " "                               " "                               "

I have one of my FAVORITE teams in town right now. Sweet Gateway BC. Thanl you all so much for being one of the first churches to support a young lady missionary like me.

Very excited to have Michael Steffey’s family team from Chattanooga too! I loved their David and Goliath drama.

Said goodbye to our big Hattiesburg, Mississippi team. They always get me pumped up.

Thanks to them I was able to start work at five new locations. One I think will be great for a soccer tournament.

Asian Square tomorrow!




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