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Virginia Tech to Plaza Fiesta, Global Mall and Al Madina @ AZ

Finished the presentations last night.


Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.45.45 PMWhat a wonderful time we had teaching the Virginia Tech team about Islam, Hinduism and Catholicism. But it’s all about actually visiting the markets and making friends with people of different religions.

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Powerful pray time. We explored Plaza Fiesta and meet up with Jimmy Kim and his team, Devon and Victoria. Really looking forward to helping mobilize their team into the community.

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"                               " "                               "Al Madina was great. Got to see Rasha, my friend from Egypt.

Kitob, a Muslim bookstore across the street was very informative. Did you know that Jonah is called Yunus in the Quran? We’re all about building bridges.

Good to see Tek at Global Mall.

"                               " "                               "


Best part is always missions. I had fun playing tag with some of the second graders. Then we all made salvation bracelets.


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Jesse taught me how to shift into first and second gear. It’s my first time to drive a manual.

"                               "



Thanks again SO much to the VT team!

Did yoga with Anna tonight.

Home now!






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