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Newsletters! Mission!

Hello friends!

Printed out some flyers to send to my friends at Strong Rock Christian School.

Then onto get groceries!

Went by T&G to pay for the maintenance.

Enjoyed lunch with Dad, then came home to work on my newsletter.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 6.46.18 PM

Mailed off a t-shirt to a team member.


Helped the kids label the newsletters before starting the homework.

"                               " "                               " "                               " "                               "

Then donuts!

"                               "



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Virginia Tech to Plaza Fiesta, Global Mall and Al Madina @ AZ

Finished the presentations last night.


Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.45.45 PMWhat a wonderful time we had teaching the Virginia Tech team about Islam, Hinduism and Catholicism. But it’s all about actually visiting the markets and making friends with people of different religions.

"                               "

Powerful pray time. We explored Plaza Fiesta and meet up with Jimmy Kim and his team, Devon and Victoria. Really looking forward to helping mobilize their team into the community.

"                               "


"                               " "                               "Al Madina was great. Got to see Rasha, my friend from Egypt.

Kitob, a Muslim bookstore across the street was very informative. Did you know that Jonah is called Yunus in the Quran? We’re all about building bridges.

Good to see Tek at Global Mall.

"                               " "                               "


Best part is always missions. I had fun playing tag with some of the second graders. Then we all made salvation bracelets.


"                               " "                               " "                               " "                               "



Jesse taught me how to shift into first and second gear. It’s my first time to drive a manual.

"                               "



Thanks again SO much to the VT team!

Did yoga with Anna tonight.

Home now!






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Lake Lanier, Sunrise Baptist and Girl Flower

What a beautiful weekend it’s been! Lyns, Ash and I had fun outside on the porch.

Ashley, Lee and I took Roo up to the lake.


I loved laying on the boat as it rocked in the evening sunset.

On Sunday morning Dad, Mo and I went to speak at Carl and Pat Barrington’s church.

What a fun group. They ranged from 19-75 years old. Loved it.

Talked to Rebecca Hampton up at Cowboy church. I’m looking forward to spending the night up there in Jerusalem, Ga this weekend.

Took a hard World History essay exam today over the Struggle of Orders, the Roman Republic and Early Christianity. I should have studied more but I’ll be the first to admit I’ve come down with summeritious.

Jessica and I tried these new Sally Henson nail art stickers. Really easy to put on and it’s like having a mini piece of art on your finger.


Sent some letters out and got my first prayer-gram back today from Rachel and her family. Would you like to get a prayer-gram from your favorite missionary?

Send me an email with your home address and I’d love to pray for you.

Off to study for my Anthropology test tomorrow.



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Dinner Party at Ashley’s

My best friend, Ashley Barid invited us all over for stuffed Portabella mushrooms and home made hummus.

Anna, Ashley, Me and Colleen.

Painted my nails…my tiniest canvas.

Tutored Saul and Rosabel from Mexico, Mosohana and Haminda from Bangladesh at Azalea today.

Studied 2 hours of anthropology exspecially the filming and documenting of immigrants and refugees. Sounds a lot like what we do at the missions.



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My Room

What a rainy cold day today. And to make it even worse Daddy’s sick. He’s been really dizzy lately and throwing up. Please be praying for him.

Another prayer request is from Olivia Hunt, my cousin in Texas. She’s 6 months pregnant with her second baby girl when her amniotic fluids (what the baby floats in) started leaking. She was rushed to the hospital that night and was told she may have to stay here for 7 weeks! Her comment, “I didn’t know bed rest could be so…tiring.”

Lift up a prayer for them. I can’t imagine anything more frightening than your wife and baby in the hospital fighting to live.

Lord, Please put a shield of protection around my Dad and Olivia. Heal them with your amazing powers. Let all the medicines be affective and get both of them feeling strong and productive again. Amen.

I picked up my Expedition from T&G Automotive today. it cost a whopping $768 for a tune up and ignition coil. Next I have to get all new tires. It’s expensive being a grownup!

On a lighter note…for the video part of my blog I thought I’d give you a tour of my room. Miles and I finished building the headboard and I’m proud to show it off.

Going to do my first presite tour with some visiting team leaders tomorrow. Wish me luck!