China Town, Al Madina, Global Mall and Kitob!

Hello friends!

Printed out pictures for our teams last week.


Finished the financial report. Worked on getting our taxes squared away. Milo had to print out somethings from his university.


Filled out the church facility request form for our summer teams.


We tried to visit with my ESL student, Adita, today but she wasn’t available. Praying for her during this freezing weather.

We went back to CD Tower to get some gifts and props for class, Vicki is teaching a World’s religions class next month. Then we explored China Town. I liked the big fu dogs and serenity garden.

"                               " "                               "


Meet up with Dad and drove our to FedEx to drop off a package and then enjoyed lunch at Perimeter Mall.

Onto Kitbob, an Islamic bookstore, and then Al Madina.

"                               "


Global Mall had an interesting Shiva festival going on. The ladies and I had fun looking at the beautiful saris.

"                               "


Cleaned the mission. No homework since school was canceled because of the ice.

"                               " "                               "

Good to see J!

"                               "

Answering emails and cooking Milo dinner next.



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