Skidaway Island! Missions! ESL! 12 Stone Presite!

Hello friends!

Miles and I had such a great time with Dr. David and Ann Baxter from Skidaway Island BC. We enjoyed speaking to their youth and congregation.

"                               " "                               " "                               " "                               " "                               " "                               " "                               "


Had fun on Saturday touring around Savannah. We went to Oatland Island’s Wildlife center. The wolves were my favorite.


"                               " "                               " "                               " "                               "


ESL clase with Adita. We started talking about the church she goes to. I asked why she was Christian and wasn’t Catholic like most of my Hispanic friends. She said,” Porque es verdad.” (It’s the Truth.) Loved that.


"                               "

Had fun meeting with Stephen, Michael and Nathan from 12 Stone! Looking forward to bringing their middle schoolers on missions.

"                               "

Got into a great conversation with, Julie, a young mother from California. She just got a job at the dental clinic near Plaza Fiesta. Looking forward to seeing her around and praying with her.

Dropped off a package to our top supporters, picked up ink for printing. Then off to missions!

I’m helping the girls learn how to graph algebraic inequalities.


"                               " "                               " "                               "

Cooked cheesy enchiladas with Milo!

Emails now. Lots of teams all this month! PTL!!



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