Bible Study! Nutritionist Consultation! Bank! Oils!

Hello friends!

Meet up at Chikfila for a Bible study on Galatians. Enjoyed it. I love that we don’t have to work for salvation.

Had fun with Courtney and her daughter. She taught me more about Doterra oils and cloth diapering. Both were a lot easier to use than I thought.


Went to the doc for my gestational diabetes appointment and then went to CVS to pick up the glucose monitor. Really looking forward to pricking my finger four times a day!


Talked to Kevin Taylor from FBC Naples. They’re coming in October. Linda Miller’s team also signed up for Spring Break! I love to see the team calendar already start to fill!


Did some banking! And picked up stamps to mail out more promos.


Looking forward to the Jerk Fest on Sunday after church!


Sweet Moog Dog got to spend the day at puppy six flags, Mo’s house! She’s tuckered out now




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