Misty Mountain! Phone Calls! Mission!

Climbed Stone Mountain in the mist this morning. It was so nice. I felt like I had the whole mountain to myself. I’ve really enjoyed going up early and praying.

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Made phone calls. Encouraging churches to come on missions and praying with them. Doing research on what churches want from a missions experience. Pray that some of the churches will get on board.


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Walked Moogs and washed all our bedding. I love clean sheets. I even used some of the essential oils I got in the laundry. MMM! My sheets smell like Purity.

Missions! Great to have some help from Perimeter Church. Today I worked with the sixth grade boys. They called the room The Boss Lounge. We worked on orbits, revolutions, inner and outer planets. I also helped with the Water Cycle project.

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