Penelope’s Baby Shower! BBQ Lunch in Birmingham!

Good Evening!

Penelope was doted on so much yesterday at her Aunt Ashley’s house with Auntie Lyns. Thank you all who made the day special.

IMG_0836-XL IMG_0834-XL IMG_0825-XL IMG_0824-XL IMG_0853-XL IMG_0818-XL IMG_0842-XL IMG_0856-XL IMG_0810-XL IMG_0835-XL







Fun time taking the T&A Show on the road to Birmingham this afternoon. Thank you to all who are going to help us, “Take the Church, To the People!” to the 100 apartments this summer.


IMG_0863-XL IMG_0872-XL IMG_0876-XL






Organized all of P’s goodies. Got a hamper full of clothes to wash and dress her in!






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