Doctor! Letters! Phone Calls! Audubon! Missions!


Had my meeting with the gestational diabetes specialist. Got to see P! Mo said she looked like she was blowing a bubble in the one picture.

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Ran with Moogs.

Mailed letters!


This is my office…I call that my phone call ball.


Called lots of people for the Birmingham BBQ!

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Created a Fall flyer for Audubon apartments and got the OK from the manager for our block party there this Saturday!

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 3.34.58 PM unnamed-8

Talked to my doulas. Looking forward to meeting them next Friday. Working on changing doctors to one who better fits my birth plan/beliefs.

unnamed-29 unnamed-28 unnamed-27

Ran by Dee’s house to grab more baby gear. THANK YOU!


On to the mission!

unnamed-10 unnamed-11 unnamed-9



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