12Stone! One Heart!

Hello friends!

Enjoyed my time with my 12Stone family at Bible Study this morning.

My car battery died boo…I called Triple A but just felt the Father encouraging me to go inside and ask for help.

I ended up walking back into the church and running into one of group leaders, she took me down to the outreach office where they were having a meeting.

I said howdy to everyone and they said, “HEY! just the girl we’re looking for!” Ends up they had just been talking about Whirlwind and I was able to connect them with one of our partners near by.

IMG_1737-XL IMG_1734-XL


Made it in time for our meeting with Lindsay and Jack from One Heart Church. We’re having an Easter Block Party this Saturday with them.

Dad got my car detailed! Last reminders of Moogs are all vacuumed up. :(

Home now to work on financial report and newsletter. It’s SO beautiful out I may just have to  procrastinate and go enjoy art by God.




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