Grant Application! Letters! Financial Report! Mountain! Meatballs!

Hello there!

Worked for about two hours on the Dunwoody BC grant application. It’s gotten SO much HARDER since Obama started cracking down on non profits. We have to get audits, prepare more financial reports and join the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability. Whoosh! Not my forte!

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.34.24 PM

Had to take a break and go climb the mountain. P loved that!

unnamed unnamed-1 unnamed-2

Came back and finished the financial report for Whirlwind.

Wrote thank you letters to supporters. Also shipped a gift to Keri and Bobby to use on their cross-country road trip!

Cooked a delicious dinner! Turkish lamb meatballs on couscous. So good! I loved the little bit of honey in the tomato sauce.

Gave P a bath and put her in her crib. When I turned around look who was standing up?!

unnamed-3 unnamed-4

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