Global Mall! Al Madina!

Namaste friends!

Briefed the team on Islam, Judaism and Christianity this morning.

IMG_2139-X2 IMG_2131-X2 IMG_2143-X2 IMG_2147-X2

Then on to Global Mall and Al Madina.

IMG_2156-X2 IMG_2160-X2 IMG_2148-X2 IMG_2150-X2 IMG_2149-X2 IMG_2161-X2 IMG_2163-X2 IMG_2155-X2

Lunch at Ashiana’s Indian was awesome.


IMG_2166-X2 IMG_2167-X2


Walmart for ink and then home to print out the engagement letter for our CPA and Tax Exemption letter for our church partners.

Mailed letters to friends.


Miles and I started watching Angie Tribeca. Hilarious. Reminds me of Danger Five.



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