Asian Square!


Briefed our team on Buddhism and Hinduism today.

IMG_2065-X2 IMG_2057-X2 IMG_2060-X2

Penelope loves rolling around in her wheelie walker in the fellowship hall.


Then over to Asian Square for the Buddhist store, Chinese bakery and Vietnamese pharmacy.

IMG_2087-X2 IMG_2085-X2 IMG_2089-X2 IMG_2093-X2 IMG_2082-X2 IMG_2088-X2 IMG_2081-X2

Lunch at Penang!

IMG_2097-X2 IMG_2094-X2 IMG_2096-X2



IMG_2098-X2 IMG_2113-X2 IMG_2119-X2 IMG_2110-X2 IMG_2112-X2 IMG_2120-X2 IMG_2109-X2

Got P some new baby food flavors and a shade for the car window.

Admin work and trying to get the audit squared away for the churches.



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