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Peachtree Corners Baptist Church Missions Conference


Heather, Ashley and I had fun jamming with the boys last night. My rhythm is getting a lot better but I still can’t play, sing and strum at the same time.

Ziggie, Heather’s rescued poodle, was the life of the party. In the morning he was so excited to get to go outside.

Mo and I drove out to PCBC to set up our missions display.

Then we went and spoke to the young marrieds Sunday school class.

Home now to work on some homework. Already?! I know… and I have 5 months to go.

My knee is healed! Hallelujah! It feels so good to be able to do things on my own again. Thanks for all your prayers.
Dad is still feeling dizzy. But he bucked up and went to speak at the missions dinner tonight. Please be praying for him.

Jesse is headed home tomorrow with his new girlfriend, Colleen. Woop woop!


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