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Injuries give you more time

My knee is feeling a lot better. Thank you for all your prayers. I have a feeling by tomorrow I’ll be able to walk again pain free to Anthropology class.

Lying in bed, feeling like Frida, I’ve found out that injuries can sometimes give you more…

Injuries give you more time to write. I’m still working on my short story The Postcard. Hopefully I can find an ending by the end of January.

Injuries give you more time to play music. I learned how to read tab so now I can work my way through new songs.

It’s like uncodeing a mystery with musical notes. I’m working on The Beatles’ Day Tripper.I like to watch my hands learn this new skill. Jesse was right when he said it’s an emotional release.

Injuries give you more time to read and create. I’ve  read You Can Do It! and created a want-to-do-list with things on it like swim with manatees, learn guitar, write a book, and go sky diving.

I had time to curl my hair.

Injuries give you more time to watch movies. I’m getting into French  films. It’s fun to listen for words that I grew up hearing in Tour, France as a little girl.

Lately, I’ve watched Amelie, A Very Long Engagement, Au Revior Les Enfants and Entre Nos. The first two were great  directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I’d recommended them if you like reading your movies.. Entre Nos, a Spanish film, not so much.

A Very Long Engagement is my new favorite love story.

Even though injuries give you more time to do things, I’m looking forward to doing more things outside these four walls.



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