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Lake Lanier, Sunrise Baptist and Girl Flower

What a beautiful weekend it’s been! Lyns, Ash and I had fun outside on the porch.

Ashley, Lee and I took Roo up to the lake.


I loved laying on the boat as it rocked in the evening sunset.

On Sunday morning Dad, Mo and I went to speak at Carl and Pat Barrington’s church.

What a fun group. They ranged from 19-75 years old. Loved it.

Talked to Rebecca Hampton up at Cowboy church. I’m looking forward to spending the night up there in Jerusalem, Ga this weekend.

Took a hard World History essay exam today over the Struggle of Orders, the Roman Republic and Early Christianity. I should have studied more but I’ll be the first to admit I’ve come down with summeritious.

Jessica and I tried these new Sally Henson nail art stickers. Really easy to put on and it’s like having a mini piece of art on your finger.


Sent some letters out and got my first prayer-gram back today from Rachel and her family. Would you like to get a prayer-gram from your favorite missionary?

Send me an email with your home address and I’d love to pray for you.

Off to study for my Anthropology test tomorrow.



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