Speaking with the Youth at FBCD

Good Morning!

Jesse and I spoke wit the youth Group at FBC Doraville. It was  fun to go back to the same Sunday School rooms we were in years ago.

I talked about how doing Missions makes you feel better about yourself. Who doesn’t want to feel good? And J told the story about helping Pamala get back up when she fell down.

We went to eat Ricon Latino which was voted one of the best Mexican meals in Atlanta by Creative Loafing.

Nothing like a goats milk lollipop to finish the meal.

Got some Gator tail meat, Plantains and Edamame at the Farmer’s market. I like shopping around listening to the different languages.

Hung out by the pool with Ash, Jessica, Shawn, and the kids.

While J worked under the shade tree.

Saw this huge bird sunning out on the lawn.



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