We Love Mexican Food

My family loves Mexican food. Nachos, burritos, quadsadillas, you name it.

At lunch Jesse asked me  if I could enjoy eating Mexican food everyday. Over a burrito  dinner I said, “yes.”

The boys (Miles and Jesse) got some new bathing suits for the lake tomorrow. Mo bought me a new summer spread for my bed.

Had fun hanging out with the kids. With no homework we have time to play. I’m looking forward to taking them swimming on Thursday.

After eating dinner at Taco Veloz, a Mexican restruant down the street from the mission, Jesse helped push start some hombres’ van. Dad made up a theme song for him… Jesse with the STROOOONG calfs! Don Don Don!

Hung out with Jessica and Shawn in the kitchen. Mmm stir fry…

Ash at dinner…



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