Airboats and Alligators

Milo and I went to the beach and pool this morning. My face is definitely getting pink. And I love it.

Milo’s Dad, Miles and I went on an airboat ride adventure with Captain Chuck.

We saw alligators and lots of wild birds. My favorite part was when the captain took us to, “a place I haven’t been to in a while.” We speed through tall reeds as white cranes flew up around us and alligators dove in.

Lunch was delicious at BeefOBrady’s. Megamind was playing on the big screen and that made us all laugh as we stuffed our faces with club wraps, Reubens and “Dubliners.”

Milo and I enjoyed watching the Australian Wilfred on the pull out couch.

White pie for dinner from Papa Vito’s on the balcony.

We’re all playing cards right now.

Miles’ Mo’s putting a puzzle together and Milo’s teaching his Dad how to play poker.



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