Azalea, Kylie and Costume Hunting

Hello! Great day with the Azalea kids. The preshoolers get their homework in Spanish. Dad teaches the fourth graders fractions. I like these peppers that grow outside the mission. Mo and Jossie. Spent the night with Jessica. We watched Little Folkers. Kylie has an ear ache. Poor girl :( Anna and I went to lunch at TGI Fridays. They have some great spinach dip! Then we went shopping for Halloween costumes. Zombie baby! I had SO much fun scaring Miles with Zombie baby last year. I put it in his bathtub. When he pulled back the shower curtain. I could hear his scream all the way upstairs. “WHHHHHATTTT THEEEE?!!!” She’s going to be Morticia and I think I’m going to be a lion. Miles and I went to the park. It was such nice weather! These are the new boots he got for his birthday. Finished my story project. Our Last Adventure in Madagascar Cleaned my fish tank. It was nasty. Love, Ashley


Studying and the Mall with Miles

I finished my essay on the wickedness in Bradford’s “On Plymouth Plantation.” I’m wondering if I cited it correctly at the end? I sent an email to the teacher so hopefully she’ll email me back with an example tomorrow. Fingers crossed! This is what I looked like when I finished my paper.

Miles and I went to Northlake Mall today. He got a really cute, tan button down shirt and black jeans for church.

I love that boy! Our seven year anniversary is coming up September 28.

Later I studied for my American Lit test tomorrow. It’s the first test in this class. Pray for me to do well.

Also read chapter 3 in Human Communications just in case there’s a pop quiz tomorrow.

Looking forward to watching 30 Rock. I just downloaded the soundtrack but I’ve never watched the show.





Low and Slow Country Broil

Tonight we all got together at Lynsie’s for her stepdad’s birthday dinner. They broiled Kabasa sausage, a 3 pounds of shrimp, corn on the cob and fresh baked bread. Can you say feast?

I enjoy sitting around and laughing outside on the front porch together.

Working on my American Lit. Paper on the wickedness on Plymouth Plantation.

Isn’t Aurora getting big?




Refugee Babies and Day with Ashley, Lynsie and Hannah

What a fun time I had spending with the refugee babies. Some of the older toddlers just LOVE posing for the camera.

Click here to see them blowing you kisses!

Hannah and I went to catch up and eat lunch at Pizza Cafe. Yum! Then we shopped at TJ Maxx. I got some great new cobalt blue heels and a gift for Ashley’s birthday party tomorrow!

Later Lynsie and I hung out with Ashley at her house. It was SO hard to keep all the  details of her birthday party tomorrow a secret.




Flip Flops and Dancing on Main Street

Lynsie and I had fun this weekend. On Friday night we went to Flip Flops downtown. I liked the beachy vibe, live music and dance floor.

Then on Saturday we had a Pilates and Dance demo on Main Street in Old Town Lilburn.

After the demo, Lynsie took me to Center Stage to get some ballet shoes, tap shoes and a leotard. I’m official now!

That night we watched Just Go With It. Hilarious! Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are really funny together.


Dad got me some new weights and mat to work out with. Thanks!

Home now to work on American Lit homework.





Jack Fruit

Communication class this morning. We watched Foghorn Leghorn. I can only take so much of that accent and antidotes.

American Lit was canceled. Dang! After all that reading. It was nice to get out early though.

Tutoring with the kids. Today we worked on numbers raised to different powers.

Little Momo and I went to Mohosana’s house to try Jack Fruit. Interesting. A LOT better than Durian, also known as Poo Poo fruit. Can you guess why? It smells like sewer but some people swear by it.

Pilates with Lynsie Pfannkuch. Whew! Our teacher, Dottie, whipped us tonight.

Home to do some Features Writing homework from the AP Stylebook.




Dance Night at Lynsie’s

Oh! It’s so fun when Lynsie, Ashley and I can all get together. We’ve been friends since High School so it’s always a good time.

Us way back in the day.






Back to the Present…

Watch the video!

Tomorrow is the first day back to class. (What to wear? What to wear? Good thing I have to help me.)  I have mixed feelings. I’m ready to graduate but I’m not looking forward to early mornings and late study nights. Pray for me to be able to keep all the plates spinning.



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Atlanta Community Ministries Block Party

Nothing like a good block party to make for a great Saturday. The Atlanta Community Ministy came out to host three block parties in Roswell.

Shuggie came as the mission dog. She was pooped afterwards.

Watch the video here.

Lynsie and I had fun at Three Blind Mice. Watch our video.




School Supplies with the Azalea Kids


What a fun weekend! Lynsie and I went to eat at Three Blind Mice.


Then on Saturday I hung out with the girls at the pool.


At night we celebrated Lauren’s 22 birthday at Bella’s Dance Club. She LOVED the golden high heels I got her.


They were too cute not to get my own pair.


And today Jesse and I passed out the binders we got from NAMB along with the other school supplies.




Summer Teams and Dragon Fruit

Monday. You know what that means? Briefing with the new teams in town.

And Buford Highway Farmer’s Market. Here are some of my favorites from today.

Chicken feet. Great back scratchers.

Green peas covered in Wasabi. They have a kiss of horseradish.

Fried Chicken drumstick flavored chips. You’d think they were made in America with a description like that, but they’re actually from Japan.

Had a wonderful time with the Family Baptist Church team from Orangeburg, SC. We went to Wynscape (where I bruised my knuckles knocking on so many doors)

And Huntington Terraces (where we had the guided tour with Mr. Bible). We played Tug of War. Mission kids versus Missionaries. One of the moms jumped up and started pulling right along with the kids. They won (with a crash)!

Bible story time at the Mission.

Niche ran up to me before the car was even in park. My favorite part of the day. (Besides eating El T with you and Mo, Dad.)

Ran 2 miles. My feet were painfully hot but I kept telling myself, “It’s surprisingly cool in the shade.”

Milo cooked cheesy rice and noodles for dinner, while I chopped Mexican mangos and Dragon Fruit.

Two of my top favorite beings on the planet.

I’m about to alter my Bengali dress for Wednesday at Global Mall.




Home from the Beach and the New Pup

Got home yesterday from the beach around 3 PM. We had a GREAT time. Can’t wait to do it again.

Milo and I went to Ashley’s house to see her new pup. What a cutie!

She has done some damage…

This morning Mo and I rode bikes to the graveyard. It was a fun time just the two of us.

Today we tried to start my car and it wouldn’t. J called AAA for me and we got them to come jump it with their huge truck. Milo and I drove it over to Advance AutoParts to get a new battery. It’s running great now! Thank you, Lord!

Jesse taught me how to clean my tank today with the special hose sucker thingy.

It looks great now. I even found a little baby, about the size of my pinky fingernail, that didn’t get eaten.

Looking forward to working with the teams tomorrow.




Florida’s Best Seafood Beach Day 6

Ate lunch at Florida’s Best Seafood today.

I kissed a manatee and I liked it.

And so did everybody else…

Swam in the ocean and pool. I love this life. After dinner and cards Milo and I went for a walk on the beach.

Found a jelly fish.

We enjoyed watching the girl’s volleyball team play.

Tomorrow’s our last full day :( I think we’ve all had a great time.

A rockets shooting off early tomorrow morning just a few miles from us.




Airboats and Alligators

Milo and I went to the beach and pool this morning. My face is definitely getting pink. And I love it.

Milo’s Dad, Miles and I went on an airboat ride adventure with Captain Chuck.

We saw alligators and lots of wild birds. My favorite part was when the captain took us to, “a place I haven’t been to in a while.” We speed through tall reeds as white cranes flew up around us and alligators dove in.

Lunch was delicious at BeefOBrady’s. Megamind was playing on the big screen and that made us all laugh as we stuffed our faces with club wraps, Reubens and “Dubliners.”

Milo and I enjoyed watching the Australian Wilfred on the pull out couch.

White pie for dinner from Papa Vito’s on the balcony.

We’re all playing cards right now.

Miles’ Mo’s putting a puzzle together and Milo’s teaching his Dad how to play poker.



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Cocoa Beach with the Kendalls Day One

Had fun yesterday with Jessica and Kylie.

This morning we woke up around 5:15. I woke up excited! “Is it time for the beach?”

I’m all packed up!

Drove from Atlanta, Ga to Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Read my Sookie book and slept.

Beautiful hotel room with a view.

This reminds me of home. Sweet ol’ little momo.

Salty, fried seafood dinner. Can’t beat that.


Love that view.

Look at that tiiiiiinnnnyy table…

And that teeny weeny car.

Miles Mo and me…the computer geek girls…



P.S. Make sure to check out the sibling road trip documentary here if you missed it.


Riding around with the Mobilizing Students Team

Mo and I went to the dentist this morning. I have no cavities. Wahoo!

Ate some fruit with Rahat and his mom. They are moving to Arkansas in two weeks. Rashad, Rahat’s mom said in her broken English, “I miss your family…when we Arkansas. You help Rahat homework.”

We’ll miss you guys too!

Meet up with the Mobilizing Students team to discuss logisticts.

J and I drove around with Josh, a team leader, so he’d know how to get to each complex they’ll be serving at.

Hung out with the Azalea team. They are doing some great Bible Study lessons with the kids.

My big fish is sick. :( Jesse is going to euthanize it. Makes me sad to loose a pet.

The good news is that my other fish had babies.




A Bike for Lora

Mo has been Lora’s long time mentor.

Today, we all drove out to Jonathan Nolte’s, Communicycle, to pick up a refurshibed bike so she  can ride to class.

We both are taking classes at Georgia Perimeter College, so her ride starts tomorrow!

Before we picked up the bike I drove to show her the  safest route from her apartment to campus.

When Mo and I dropped her off at soccer practice Lora climbed out of the car, turned to us and said in her Antigua accent, “Mrs. Kathy, Ashley, thank you so much for everytiiing.”

Lora is taking summer classes at GPC until she returns to a Christian University in Florida. Please keep her success in your prayers.

Ashley and I watched the Lady Gaga concert. I hear her sister designs all her clothes.

Can you tell Miles loves his new job?



P.S. Got my Writing Fiction textbook. Yay! Just in time.


Little Stone Mountian Coffee Shop and Whirlwind Projects

Miles took me to a really cute coffee shop this morning in Stone Mountain Village.

Our hostess was Italian and she complimented Milo’s accent when he ordered a caffè macchiato.

This guy saved 6 dogs from the steep side of Stone Mountain during 1927.Look at that Brachycephalic. Cute!

Worked on my Whirlwind Missions Presentation.

Designed the  summer odd jobs flier for Jesse and I. It was good for me to practice my InDesign skills.

The idea…

The  finished product…

I’m in the process of designing an updated Display board. What do you think?

Got my online class documents ready. Just waiting for my text books now.

Happy Memorial’s Day.

This looks like something that should be in Harry Potter.




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Gator Bites and the Movie Part 2

Had fun hanging with my Dad.

Climbed up Stone Mountain, ran down Stone Mountain then jumped in the pool. What a perfect reward after a hot run.

Jessica bought  some new workout shoes.

Ashley’s Cooking Channel

Fried some Alligator fillets marinated in Teriyaki, red and garlic pepper with a squirt of lemon juice.

Mmm..plantains crisped in butter in the pan.

Miles got the Alcove Coffee shop! Thanks to everyone’s prayers.

Went to the movies with Miles, Anna and Justin.


I liked this piece of buttered corn.




FootHills Community Church Block Party, Lynsie’s 22 Birthday Party and Anna’s Fiesta

Wow! This was a day full of parties!

Earlier this morning I did a briefing with the Foothills Community Church  team and then we all rode over to Huntington Terraces.

What a great turnout!

Later I went to celebrate Lynsie’s 22 birthday at her house.

That evening Anna threw a Mexican themed dinner party. Muy sabroso!

Looking forward to speaking at Rockbridge Baptist Church tomorrow.




What Better Than a Tattoo For Mother’s Day?

Mo, J and Dad went to the Ren Fest while I stayed home to enjoy a run around the neighbor hood some Healthy Choice Chinese food…

…and study for my Business and Journalism finals tomorrow.

I treated Jessica to a Mother’s Day out. For her Mother’s day present she got “Kylie” inked on her right shoulder to balance the “Tyler” she got three years ago on his first birthday.

I did my toes while we waited.

Enjoyed sandwiches with Milo’s mo.