Oh I get it!

In Features writing we had a guest speaker talk to us about art and design for our webfolios.I got some good advice on how I want to change mine up.

Stat test went really well. I struggled on the bonus though. I just couldn’t remember the exact calculator stokes.

Worked on labels with the kideos.


Working with the kids at the mission. I had 4 of the fourth graders all together in the pink room working on the Frog Prince story. They laugh and call me Ms. Ashley. “Ms. Ashley, Ms. Ashley, you’re our new teacher!”



Worked with Neyton on number places like ones, tens, hundreds, thousands. He was so cute when after a few minutes of struggling he said, “OH! I get it!” Then he finished the page by himself.

I really feel like we’re making an impression on the kids when the older ones take the lead and start helping the younger ones.



I’m looking forward to spending the night with Jessica.


She dyed her hair purple but it came out blue and green. Bad luck. Still cute though.



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