Speaking at FBC Duluth and The Engagement!

Yay! It’s my birthday! 23! 23!

Miles and Dad came with me to First Baptist Duluth. I did a question and answer time on stage.

Then we had lunch with the Acteens! I love talking and hanging out with them. They are so full of energy and real go getters. Dad lead us on a prayer walk of the community.

After church Miles casually mentioned that we should go for a walk around the park. As we were walking he said, “Let’s take a short cut through the field.” Then he stopped and said, “This is where we had our first date over six years ago…you’re my soul mate. Will you marry me, Ashley?”

Of course I said YES!

Great birthday!

Jesse knocked on my door and said he wanted to give me my first wedding present. An air humidifier. lol He said he feels old now with a sister who’s engaged.



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