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Lunch with Todd Harrison and Azalea


Today Dad and I ate lunch with Todd Harrison up at Newks. Pretty good sandwich, great company. Todd always gives us great ideas. Today he talked about creating team shirts.

We went back to his office to talk to his apparel lady, Cindy. She walked us through some choices.

Started opening up some new work on Buford Highway. Please be praying that the managers are receptive.

Had fun with the kids.

Good to see Aylin again.


On the way home, a lady called crying. She had just been abandoned by her husband and was left with her five small children. I was able to pray with her and give her some strength. She sounded MUCH better afterwards. Please keep her in your prayers.

I feel like “mini Tim.”

Working on some Whirlwind Maps.





Speaking at FBC Duluth and The Engagement!

Yay! It’s my birthday! 23! 23!

Miles and Dad came with me to First Baptist Duluth. I did a question and answer time on stage.

Then we had lunch with the Acteens! I love talking and hanging out with them. They are so full of energy and real go getters. Dad lead us on a prayer walk of the community.

After church Miles casually mentioned that we should go for a walk around the park. As we were walking he said, “Let’s take a short cut through the field.” Then he stopped and said, “This is where we had our first date over six years ago…you’re my soul mate. Will you marry me, Ashley?”

Of course I said YES!

Great birthday!

Jesse knocked on my door and said he wanted to give me my first wedding present. An air humidifier. lol He said he feels old now with a sister who’s engaged.



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Jesse Leaves for Oregon on Amtrak


Had TWO pop quizzes today. One in Human Communications and one in American Lit. Good thing I read the texts.

Then home for lunch before visiting the kids at the mission. Today we practiced rounding decimals and working on US states projects.

Had our last dinner together as a family since Jesse is leaving for his cross country road trip tonight.

Watch the video here.

About to read some Communications and interviewing homework.




Heather Gets Baptised

Hannah and I drove out to 12 Stone church in Snellville.

We meet up with Heather, Anna and Justin.

The worship was great. They put on a huge light show. It was like being at a concert.

Pastor Miles talked about Choices that lead to Reward and Choices that lead to Regret then they had an open baptism. The Pastor called people forward and Heather went up!

This was her first time ever to be baptised.