Fellowship BC, Journey Church and Strong Rock Christian Academy

Well hello there! Dad and I had a busy day today with abut 100 people in town!

I gave a briefing to the Fellowship and Strong Rock team while Dad briefed the Journey team.

Then we all met up at Plaza Fiesta.

I took the Strong Rock team to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market.

while Fellowship worked on a service project for our Easter Outreach on Saturday.

Then Dad and I met back up at the Farmer’s Market and showed the Journey team around.

Tried a new Russian Chocolate today. Yum!

Then onto Missions!

Fellowship is doing great!

Stopped by Buford Heights Apartments to get an address for Dalino, an FBC Jonesboro team member, he wants to write to some of the kids. Then over to Huntington Creek to sign the lease for Ian and Ruthie.

Got the Journey team back together so they could make a plan for dinner, then went back and helped the Azalea kids.

Posted some new needs on Meet the Need.

My desk drawer broke today for the last time! I hope to get a new one before the end of the week.

Finished  my newsletter and emails.



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